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Not So Sweet In Sweet Grass

For several years, the churches of Big Timber have provided bibles to Sweet Grass County High School to be distributed during graduation. This year, due do some objection to the practice, the school has decided not to hand out the books. This, of course, has set off a minor firestorm in Big Timber with the evangelicals screaming discrimination and hollering about infringements to religious freedom.

gamblesadIt seems that the mention of God always brings out the worst and most illogical comments in any discussion. But, it does give the pious Christians the opportunity to inject abortion, gay marriage and the pledge of allegiance into a debate on practically any subject you can think of.

The decision appears to me to be most rational. High school commencement should not be a venue for handing out bibles any more than for passing out copies of “Horton Hears A Who”. And certainly, the school should not be involved in the distribution. If you allow one book, you would be liable for handing out copies of the Qur’an, the Torah, Book of Mormon, etc. and pretty soon students would be staggering off the podium under a massive stack of tomes that few would ever open. That, of course, is not the opinion of the Moral Majority, who feel that they should have the freedom to stuff their religion down your throat at every opportunity. Of course, the student, standing in front of all his friends and neighbors in a silly hat, can refuse the bible and return it “after the ceremony.”

The churches are in no way prohibited from handing out bibles to graduates off campus or in their places of worship and they are certainly free to impregnate adolescent minds all over Big Timber with their propaganda. I’m afraid that I just don’t understand why religious zealots have such a hard time understanding the concept of separation of church and state.


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