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Take A Break

Congratulations to those of you who are still following the legislature. You made it to the Transmittal Break. Go have a beer and do something fun this weekend while the legislature is in recess, but I expect to see you here Monday morning with both guns drawn. We still have a lot of work to do.

Paulines Perfect PoodleSeveral bills aimed at taking the public out of the energy permitting process are moving on. HB483 and HB529 have moved to the Senate where we have much less chance of stopping them. SB440, SB481 and SB387 are now in the House. I know we can stop at least some of these.

HB455, The Big Sky Rivers Act is going to need a lot of help. Developers and the Real Estate Lobby are lined up against this one and have killed similar bills in the last two legislative sessions. Here’s some homework for the weekend. There is a good article today in the Missoula Independent on HB455. Required reading. There will be a test! I can’t resist a reference from the article. The author, Scott Bosse, says a former professor told him that building a house on the floodplain is like pitching your tent on the freeway at night because there is no traffic. “It defies common sense.”

Also, before you have too many beers to celebrate the break, you really should also read the article in Tuesday’s Billings Gazette on the terrible energy bills and how they will destroy your ability to stop crappy energy projects in Montana.

So, have a good weekend. Check back if you get a chance, but do your homework. I want you as pissed off as I am when you report back on Monday.


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