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International Superstar

ihYou don’t want to miss this one. The International Harvester Collector’s Club is holding it’s Winter Convention March 5-7 in Waterloo, IA. The star of the show this year will be a Montana Native.

1974 F-1066 Farmall

1974 F-1066 Farmall

This 1974 Model F-1066 International Harvester Farmall is the 5-millionth produced. It rolled off the assembly line Feb. 1, 1974, making IH the first manufacturer to produce 5 million tractors.

It came with a special paint scheme, chrome stack, grill and rims. The tractor was bought by a consortium of 13 Montana implement dealers for $40,000 at the end of  two years of touring fairs, conventions and shows around the country. For years, the Farmall rotated between the 13 dealers, but by the early 1990s, only three of them were left in business. In 1995 suitable home was found at the Museum of the Northern Great Plains in Ft. Benton. The tractor hadn’t been fired up for more than a decade prior to the trip to Waterloo. More than 7,000 people will have a chance to see the celebrity midvalley2before it makes a triumphant return to Ft. Benton where it will have a well-deserved place of prominence at the museum.


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