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Big Sky Rivers Need Your Help

HB455, the Big Sky Rivers Act goes before the House Local Government committee tomorrow. Montana is a headwaters state. We send our snowmelt to the Pacific, the Atlantic and north to the Arctic Ocean. All those downstream folks depend on us to not screw up the water before it leaves Montana. This bill  creates streamside management areas along ten of our most important Big Sky rivers. This bill protects you from brainless people upstream who get a shot at your water before you do. It helps to insure that upstream folks are good neighbors.

pamidaHB455 protects your property rights, it prevents pollution from stormwater runoff, lawn chemicals and wastwater systems. The bill gives local governments control over tools they need to manage streams in their areas. It shields local governments from lawsuits by homeowners who do dumb things, like building their wonder home right next to the Bitterroot and then crying foul when, comes the flood, it falls in the river or their porch floats away. The government has to pay for people who have pea brains doing stupid things and the government is you.

Think about it. It’s only common sense that water flows downhill. What we do in Montana will affect not only our Montana neighbors, but a whole lot of folks a long way from the Treasure State. This bill will insure that these rivers are around and in healthy condition long after we are gone. Building in a river flood plain or removing important riparian vegetation is not only a simpleminded thing to do, it ruins the river for the rest of us and in the end costs the us money. Read a good article about the bill in the Bozeman Chronicle. Then sit yourself down and send a polite note to the members of the Local Government committee and your local legislators and let them know that you support keeping our rivers clean and not pissing off the neighbors.

Get more info at Will Fish For Work and 4&20 Blackbirds.

Local Government Committee
Meets Tuesdays, Thursdays, 3 p.m., Room 172
Arntzen, Elsie (R) (Chair)
Hands, Betsy (D) (Vice Chair)
MacLaren, Gary (R) (Vice Chair)
Becker, Arlene (D)
Bennett, Gerald (R)
Berry, Tom (R)
Driscoll, Robyn (D)
Ebinger, Bob (D)
Grinde, Wanda (D)
Hamilton, Robin (D)
Ingraham, Pat (R)
Menahan, Mike (D)
More, Michael (R)
Reichner, Scott (R)
Reinhart, Michele (D)
Sands, Diane (D)
Stahl, Wayne (R)
Vance, Gordon (R)

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