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Stimulated Already

It looks like Montana is set to get $626 million from the Federal stimulus plan. The plan passed Congress with nary a Republican vote. That includes your own Congressman Denny. God forbid that the economy should recover under a Democratic administration! As the pipes are about to be opened, local governments across the state are drooling all over their shoes. A new website, Stimulus Watch has posted the list of projects submitted by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. It includes a list of Montana projects. You can look at individual projects by city and vote for those that appeal to you. Here are the tallies for the listed Montana cities:  Missoula wants – $154,000,000 Shelby – $76,000,000 and Bozeman – $9,000,000. So, go ahead and vote for your favorite project. It won’t make a damn bit of difference but hey, it’s always fun to vote.

The Button Valley City Council will gather ideas for shovel-ready projects tomorrow night at their monthly meeting. Mayor Baumgartner wants to fix the parking meter with the bent post in front of the Rexall drugstore. Councilman Stalworth is pushing for repairing a few of the potholes on 4th street. So, come to the meeting and bring a list of projects that you think are stimulating. See you there.



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