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A “…sick, sadistic ritual…”

valentines_dayDateline Butte America: John Grant Elmeigh has a great editorial in the Montana Standard today. He declares that Valentines day is “a sick, sadistic ritual that should be purged from our holiday calendars forever.” Okay, that may be a bit harsh, but I think we can all see his point. Valentines day is a day for lovers. It’s also a reminder to the unattached that “…you’re just not good looking or interesting enough to lasso a mate. Better luck next year , loser!”

“Hey, why stop there? Why don’t the gift card companies come up with I’m Over 6 Feet Tall Day? Or, St. Look At Me I’m Skinny and You’re Not Day?”

Gees John, chill just a bit. Just because Walmart was out of roses….

I’ve always been a little critical of these made up holidays like, Valentines Day, Grandparents Day, National Catfish Day, or World Vegetarian Day (all real). Just an excuse to further indulge in rampant consumerism, buy cards, candy, catfish, whatever. I think we could do with a lot fewer holidays. Uh…’scuse me, I have to run down to the Rexall and see if they are out of cards and candy…


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