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Moving North

Does it seem like those savage hoards of waxwings pooping all over your yard this winter are especially annoying this year? Well, maybe there is a reason. The Audubon Society has released a report on the northward shift of the range of bird species due to climate change. Guess what? Cedar Waxwings are becoming more common in Montana. Bohemian Waxwings had by far the largest numbers in the Christmas Bird Count at 7,234. The House Finch, second most common, came in at only 1,203 individuals. The range of draindoctorthe Spruce Grouse has moved north by over 300 miles. In fact, 58% of all the species counted showed “significant northward movement”. Need more proof that climate change is affecting Montana. This is just one more drop in the bucket. We now have species in Montana that have never been seen this far north before and some species that used to be here are packing up their belongings and moving to Edmonton. Good news for turkey hunters though. The range of the Wild Turkey has expanded over 400 miles north.


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