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Okay Folks, Pay Attention

In case you missed it, the PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer ran an excellent piece on Montana: Trout and Drought outlining the hazards to Montana’s natural resources posed by climate change. If you haven’t seen this ten-minute video, it’s something you really need to watch. It deals not only with the threat climate change poses to our fish populations but also with the coming challenges posed to all natural resources in our changing Montana. We all know the changes that we’ve seen on the Button River. Now is the time to pay attention and act.

Along the same lines, if you don’t yet have your copy of the Clark Fork Coalition‘s report Low Flows, Hot Trout this is another outstanding reference on the present and upcoming challenges to our rivers.

Montana Trout

Button River Rainbow

Please! Check it out and pass it along to your friends (and enemies).

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Montana: Trout and Drought HD from Climate Central on Vimeo


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