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Dateline Hot Springs, Montana:

You gotta love it. The Mayor of Hot Sprints (population “550 or so”) Renea Keough resigned this week from a tumultuous first term. The mayor, who is in Florida to receive training for the blind, emailed her resignation to Hot Springs City Hall.  A recall petition has been circulating since Keough suspended chief of police Tim Coleman and called for an investigation for undisclosed reasons. Keough also hired her boyfriend, Marco Angelletti (on probabtion for felony theft in Yellowstone County) as city dogcatcher even though he did not have a drivers license and had to have other city employees drive him around to round up strays.

Now without a mayor or police chief, the Hot Springs city council hopes to take up the matter at the June 3rd meeting, if they receive a signed copy of the resignation letter. They have 30 days to appoint a new mayor. You can read about the latest in the scandal in the Missoulian.

Now, if that ain’t news I don’t know what is.  The Bugle will be closely following developments in this breaking story.

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