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Kudos Andy

Congratulations to Andy Hammond for sniffing out another leftist. He’s really got a nose for it. Although he calls this a “lefty blog” and while I must admit to strong “progressive” leanings, I never intended this blog to be another smear campaign against republitoons, there are plenty of those already, and really they are just too easy a target. I had intended to cover issues of interest to Northwest Montana without regard for political rubbish. Andy, Rush, and Operation KKKaos just pushed my buttons, as was their intention, and I got off on a tangent. This blog will never really be about twisting the nipples of the republicons and it will probably never be up to date and urbane since I also have a real life, but hopefully the issues will be real.

So, thanks Andy for the bit of puffery and I now head back into the aether to resume my inconspicuous piece of cyberspace.


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