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Operation Kaos

You have to love those republicans. They are always good for a laugh. Rush Limbaugh and a second string blogger from Missoula have opened Operation Chaos in Montana. As I see it, the plan is to try to get the largest Democratic turnout in history by having republicans switch sides and vote for Clinton in the June primary.

I can understand Limbaugh’s motive. He wants to sell more junk on his website and usually does that by conning the gullible. However, those Montana republicans who support this effort are going to be in for somewhat of a shock when they chose the Democratic ballot to vote Hillary and then look further down the ballot and see only Democratic names for state and local offices. They will be in somewhat of a quandary. Now they will either have to not vote in the other races or try to pick a candidate they know nothing about while over on the GOP side their opponents are voting in folks they disagree with.

Oh well, let’s welcome all the new Dems aboard. Hope they put up lots of yard signs for Democrats. Maybe they will want to get out and do some door-to-door work for our candidates as well.


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