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Ban Electronic Billboards

The state of Montana wants to ban electronic billboards along our roadways. Evidently the current law isn’t specific enough.


These are those fancy gadgets that change message every few seconds.  The kind you see behind home plate during baseball games. State law already bans “advertising signs that flash, move or use intermittent lights along state roadways.”

Advertisers say that the current rules don’t pertain to the new technology.  Let’s see, they use LED lights. The messages changes intermittently.  Hmmm… yeah, I think we need to make that more clear in the law. I already have enough crap to block my views of the mountains, I don’t need a “new technology” to block out more and at the same time burn up my precious megawatts.


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  1. I came across this site while looking for info on the variable information signs placed along HWY 2 this past winter (Columbia Falls-East Glacier). I believe I had initially read about the project and the placement of these large billboards in the Great Falls Tribune, but I haven’t been able to find any info on them…they are large, obnoxious and totally worthless items of pollution that border our national park. They say things like…”buckle up” and “watch for winter driving conditions.” Are you kidding me? Do you know anything about how much the signs cost…where the money came from or why they were put up? What about environmental impact statements?

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